Christmas Gift Comfort Box


This lovely gift box includes:

3oz Tin of Lavender Black Tea - A hint of natural lavender makes our Lavender Black Tea a delightful and fragrant variation on a Duchess Grey black tea blend. Includes a tea ball.

11oz Bigfoot / Sasquatch Hot Beverage Mug

Lavender Grosso Sachet - This sachet is the perfect size for tucking in a drawer, hanging in a closet, or using to scent your car.  Squeeze the bag, and the scent of lavender is released.

Melissa Lavender Essential Oil - This premium Lavandula Angustifolia lavender oil is distilled from the “Melissa” lavender plant. 

Lavender Lemongrass Bath BombA classic natural blend of lavender and lemongrass.

Exotic Butter Cream - A dense cream created with Shea, Cocoa, and Mango Butters for premium hydration.  Nourish your body from head to toe with the hydrating power of exotic, skin-loving butter. This glorious base cream is already lightly scented and ready to use, but it is also ready for your creativity and imagination to take it to the next level.



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