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Self-care. We often hear how critical that is for our wellbeing, yet we don’t always incorporate self-care into our daily lives. At Crescent Valley Lavender Farm, as parents, farmers, and working professionals, we know how busy life can be! We've designed the Everyday Indulgence Gift Box your daily self-care simple, efficient, enriching, and enjoyable. Open the biodegradable box to reveal eight healthful products created with love to support you in feeling your best. Crescent Valley Lavender, hand-harvested from our 2,000 plants, is the foundation of our product line. Our values include respecting our beautiful Northwestern environment and our community through the use of natural ingredients and in consultation with lavender experts in Washington and Oregon.

Everyday Indulgence Gift Box includes:

Lavender Lip Balm (.15oz) Smooth, supple lips are within easy reach! This silky, moisturizing balm will leave your lips feeling amazingly relaxed. Created using our culinary Melissa lavender combined with beeswax, coconut and grape seed oils to achieve an enriching, light weight 

Lavender Mint Lip Balm (.15oz) Invigorate and hydrate your smile with this refreshing lip balm. The fragrance of mint will boost your energy and lavender essential oil will put your lips at ease. Our Melissa culinary lavender is small batch distilled to enhance the moisturizing quality of this lovely balm. 

Cuticle Cream (.25oz) Nourish and soothe those cuticles! You’ll appreciate your hands even more after a little pampering with this all-natural balm. Enjoy the uplifting scents released through the lemon and lavender essential oils while you massage this absorbent balm into your cuticles (or the cuticles of the cuties in your life!). 

Lavender Sugar Scrub (3oz) Begin or end your day feeling bright and calm with this extraordinary sugar scrub. You’ll experience deliciously soft skin when you add this treat to your cleansing routine, and you'll do more than exfoliate and moisturize - you’ll find a moment of calm inspired by lavender essential oil. 

Nourishing Massage Oil (2oz) Lift your spirits and release the stresses of the day through massage with this enriching, lightly fragrant oil. Of course, you’ll want to share it with someone you love, but may we suggest that you put yourself first as the massage recipient for ultimate health benefits! The skin healing and nourishing properties of lavender are well recognized, and Jojoba oil's anti-inflammatory properties help to tame chaffing, chapping, and reduce redness caused by drying. 

Lavender Hand and Body Lotion (2 oz) Indulge your skin with Crescent Valley Lavender Farm's rich hand and body lotion. Our award-winning Melissa lavender is combined with sunflower oil and Aloe Vera extracts to create this soothing, paraben-free lotion. It will hydrate your skin while releasing a calming, aromatic scent. 

Lavender Lotion Bee Bar (2oz) Our handmade solid lotion bars provide high-quality moisturizing for hard-working hands, and the size and formulation are also ideal for travel. Small-batch distilled Grosso lavender oil from our farm is mixed with other essential oils and beeswax. This fabulously soothing lotion bar does double duty for hands and as a massage bar after a bath or shower. 

Lavender Mist (2oz) Instantly lift your spirits and enhance your skin with this wonderful, natural, Northwest lavender body mist. Centuries of experience have established the topical anesthetic properties of lavender essential oil and the soothing qualities of Aloe.  P.S., it also makes a wonderful pillow mist! 

All products made with Crescent Valley Lavender essential oil.